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February 16, 2004 by Does it matter
I did my grocery shopping this weekend. I hate grocery shopping, I mean I really hate it. I am one of those people who like to try new recipes, but I have my basics a usually stick to. Since this my Aunt Flo is coming this week I decided to stock up on useless shit, which I will never eat after the week is over. Of course I grab for the classic pickles, and then off the pretzels & Dill Dip. Yeah, I was loading the cart.... next was the hummus, pita bread, soy-milk..... yes, gotta get the fr...
February 3, 2004 by Does it matter
Time: 3:23 AM EST
Mood: Frickin' Tired and Pondering
Music: INXS- "Not Enough Time" (I know cheesy... but Michael Hutchence is (was) gorgeous) and Journey (quit laughing.)

I went and picked up some shampoo today at the local "hippie" store, and I was approached by a lady and her husband. Appeartly they were observing me and had a few questions. After about 10 mins of gawking she finally approached and said: "My husband and I were discussing wheather or not you were "mixed", are you? I th...
January 31, 2004 by Does it matter
Nothing is more distracting when sitting in a silent room, and in the midst of the silence a cell phone rings. I have to admit I am an owner of a cell phone. I never wanted to get one in the first place for the following:

A) They are a pain when you need to make a phone call, and the battery is just about dead.
There is always some one who is trying to you to "upgrade" to one that takes pictures. (what the hell do I need to take pictures for on my phone???)
C) The contracts... the da...
January 31, 2004 by Does it matter
I had a very eventful day. I wasn't expecting it... but it was nice. The ol' horoscope said (as I always read at the end of the day, to see if it came true).....
5, Oct.
You'll regret overindulgence quickly, so plan for a quiet night. Ponder your relationships -- are they all exactly what they seem? A simple misunderstanding may be cluttering your mind.

Mmmm... Well I crashed at friends house last night because we ended up staying up late talking (bitching) over tea and ...
January 29, 2004 by Does it matter
Commenting on:
Courting Psychology - Picking up chicks!
By: Muggaz

After reading his post I began to ponder how men analyze women & vice versa. Sure there are magazines that tell us: "How to pick-up chicks/men". Even some analyze another person by their astrological sign, hair color, palms, etc. to determine personality. My favorite type of article is when one person tries to sum it up for everyone.

For Example: (Ask Mr. Answer Man)
Do men really prefer dating skinny women?
Take it ...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
If you haven't read Peggy McIntosh's "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" I highly suggest it (Link Below).
To understand what race means or its implications, most are pretty much oblivious to it. Race, to a young child, usually means gathering a group of children together and running on foot. When the word becomes more familiar, in the “adult” context, eyebrows begin to rise at the thought of being called Racist.
In "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" McInt...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
I have been "into" these novellas. I enjoy reading , especially about religion, but I cannot find time ....that is where novellas have come in. I just finished "Siddhartha" for the second time. Although it has been years since I have read it in the first place I am glad I did. Since becoming more into studying religion it has made the book more enjoyable. Still questions remain... I suppose that leads to more research.......
• Even though the novel is formally divided into two parts, the...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
*This is strictly based upon personal experience from teaching/tutoring at various institutions/classrooms for those with Learning Disabilities and Mental Handicaps. Through these and personal experiences, I have always tried to find a way to explain to others the easiest method possible. This is my Philosophy to better assist those with a Learning Disability.
~ K.Hobbs

Teaching strategies for assisting students with Learning Disabilities is a topic, which a personal interest ha...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
The argument over personal beliefs as compared to what is considered the standard norm has an interesting side effect of prompting serious discussion over nature of Christianity, but also the character of any religion. Should religion become accustomed to changing social circumstances or should it force people to alter themselves and the society to "eternal" what we consider religious values?
This forces us to consider two different conceptions of what religion is. On the one hand we have func...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
The best kind of plot is tragic according to Aristotle, in that it provides the best option of delivering tragic pleasure. In his Poetics he states two different plot types: simple and complex. Aristotle says the complex plot has two other features that go along with it: reversal and recognition. It is these, which set up, and in that provides the best possibility for finding pleasure in tragedy.
Here is a definition of Aristotle’s complex action: ‘A complex action is one where the change i...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
My conclusion from studies in Education......

In general, the concept of Zero Tolerance is not a bad idea depending how it is enforced and to what extreme.
Let us say two children were fighting at school, in this case, it does not matter which child was the aggressor and which was defending himself due to “zero tolerance”. Rule being: since they were both fighting, therefore they are both suspended. In sense what does this teach children about basic law enforcement? Or consequences of wr...
January 23, 2004 by Does it matter
How can one mistake an artwork for a real object? Asking how one can mistake Rauschenberg’s beds for real one, instead of artworks, is equivalent to asking what makes them artworks? The same question can be posed when discussing Warhol’s Brillo Boxes. If a certain theory makes a difference between a Brillo Box and a work of art containing one, then to Danto, Warhol’s piece is Art. But according to Tolstoy’s Three Conditions, which govern how infectious art will be, and the absence of any con...
January 10, 2004 by Does it matter
On holidays my family likes to get together and talk about funny/ stupid things we have all done in our lives. From the cute baby stories to the time when Grandma climbed the fence, in heels, drunk as my mother watched as a little girl in the 60s.
All the grandchildren in my family are older now ranging from 25-17. During one of our many reflecting periods, on Christmas, my Grandma begins to talk about when she was young. Now my grandma is a funny lady with many hilarious stories. I wou...
January 10, 2004 by Does it matter
--19, May--

I bought a jar of Miracle Whip (light) today, or should I say tonight, this evening-- whatever- its beside the point. The point is- It's odd- Whenever I think of, or come into contact with certain things I think of people.

Like Miracle Whip. I think of my High School friend Colie. She was (or still is- I would believe) a larger girl. One of her favorite things to eat was pretzels and Miracle Whip Sandwiches. Rather bizarre- but I put applesauce on just about everything (T...
January 10, 2004 by Does it matter
So, I read my e-mail today and I recieve a little note from one of our fellow bloggers. He says I should get back to writting in this thing. Alright Jeremy for you I'll make a few interesting entries to sitmulate your brain (and the rest of you bloggers too).

Also check out the URL below.... it has some purty sweet thoughts.